Belle FP2 devices get a 3G network fix, the 808's 3.5G woes banished

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Another day, another Symbian platform update(!) This time it's tiny, though, a mere 3kb (yes, kilobytes) and pitched as a '3G network compatibility fix'. This is almost certainly a software workaround to avoid the 3G glitches some Nokia 808s are seeing in weak signal areas, but it won't do any harm on other Belle FP2 devices.

Here's the patch showing itself (also verified on the Nokia 700, so this isn't an 808-only thing):

Screenshot, network fixScreenshot, network fix

You can check your Nokia 808, 700 or 701 for the update by going into SW Update as usual on the menu. Note that a device restart isn't needed.

Data points welcome on whether this improves the 808's stability in areas of low 3G signal. You may remember that Nokia Care Points had been adding a capacitor to the 808's motherboard to cope with some electronic aspect of 3.5G to 3G to 2G transitions, but it's probable that this software includes new timeouts and error handling such that a hardware modification isn't needed.

An exciting week, eh? I wonder what Symbian platform updates will arrive tomorrow!...