CoverUp is back and working, all your music covers restored!

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It's back! CoverUp, a well respected commercial utility that (ahem) delves into Amazon to get album art for any missing covers in your Symbian Music player library, is back after six months of downtime. Changes at Amazon's end had been resulting in a myriad 'Download failed' errors and the utility was withdrawn from the Nokia Store. Happily, CoverUp has been updated with restored compatibility, plus other cosmetic and performance tweaks. Does it work? Heck, yes. See below for screens, comments and link.

Note that if you experimented with the (also experimental) QML v3.0 of CoverUp a year or so ago then you should remove it before grabbing this new version.

Here's CoverUp v2.4.0 in action on my Nokia 808 PureView:

Screenshot, CoverUpScreenshot, CoverUp

v2.4.0 - Back in Black! ; I don't remember this welcome message from old versions, but hey, it's good to see some explanation of what it's doing up front anyway...

Screenshot, CoverUpScreenshot, CoverUp

The initial view of my music collection on my 808's microSD - almost zero artwork!; CoverUp getting to work. Note that album art shows initially in monochrome, in what I suspect is a RAM-saving measure for its buffers. Or perhaps it's stylistic? Either way, it works, with no dramas.

Screenshot, CoverUpScreenshot, CoverUp

Scan finished, CoverUp takes a few seconds to write all the album art back to your Symbian music library and then you're off and running. Shown above and below is part of my collection, with shiny new album art. And there were no errors from CoverUp, plus the whole procedure took only five minutes or so to grab and store all the art.

Screenshot, CoverUpScreenshot, CoverUp

No snarky comments about my music tastes, please - your mileage will almost certainly vary here!!

Not shown here but also worth noting is that, for covers which aren't found with the automatic search, you can tap through and refine the Amazon search and then pick the appropriate artwork yourself from the various matches. In practice, this filled in all the remaining gaps for me.

You can buy CoverUp for £3 here in the Nokia Store. And, please, no silly comments about £3 being 'expensive'. You pay more than that for a burger, whereas you'll be enjoying your new album art for months, if not years to come. This is a fair price for an application that's, as far as I know, unique.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store