Wi-fi and YouTube updates rolling out to Symbian Belle FP1/FP2

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More platform updates to Symbian are rolling out right now, in this case a new, official build of the Beta Labs WLAN driver update that has been trialled for a while, and a compatibility fix for YouTube video uploading from Gallery (after Google changed the authentication APIs again). Screenshot proof below.

Symbian keeps up again, with the venerable OS acquiring two updates today for all Belle FP1/FP2 devices across the world, seemingly:

  • Wi-fi update - v10.04(8), one minor build along from the Beta Labs version of the WLAN driver update, intended to improve reliability and performance of Wi-fi connections to older routers. I've had excellent results from this in recent months, so well done to Nokia for rolling this out to everyone.
  • YouTube update to Gallery - Google changed the method of third party user authentication recently and this is Nokia keeping Symbian compatible (you may remember that Gallery acquired the ability to upload straight to YouTube last year).


To check your Symbian Belle FP1/FP2 smartphone (Nokia 808, 701, 700, etc) for these updates, look out'Sw update' in the main app menu. You'll be prompted to restart your phone so that the software can be loaded properly.