Nokia's smartphone camera firsts and timeline

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As a huge fan of Nokia's photographic heroics through the last decade, starting with the 7650 and ending with the Lumia 920, I couldn't resist embedding this well done 'infographic' emphasising Nokia's leadership in this area. The graphic isn't an official one (oddly, though Nokia would do well to file it and use it), but is made by a fan. Well worth a quick scan over and a good reposte to anyone who claims that that cameras in smartphones were even partly HTC's idea.... [Updated with some corrections]

The infographic is professionally done, by Faisal B Ahmed and shows both Nokia's firsts and an illustrative timeline of significant models (mainly Symbian, of course, with Windows Phone creeping in at the end):

Nokia firsts/timeline


What a wonderful rogue's gallery and I something of a confession to make, in that I think I've owned every single one of the devices listed above. I ditched my standalone Olympus camera around 2004, accepting that images weren't as good from my smartphone camera but that there was far more chance I'd have the device with me and thus I'd get more shots of interest. Even the quality argument went away with the N93, in the summer of 2006, which produced stunning 3 megapixel image that would be hard to tell apart from standalone camera-shot images.

My only disappointment is that the Nokia N82 never made the graphic. I guess it wasn't the very first phone to have Xenon flash, but it was darn close and was one of my Nokia favourites from the mid 2000s....

In the meantime, comments welcome, and kudos to the art skills of Mr. Ahmed.

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog