Easy listening and hard rock gigs, brought to you by the 808

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I haven't featured any of these for a while, but the two Nokia 808-shot videos below give an excellent flavour of two very different live gigs, both featuring clear visuals and immaculate sound. The 808 PureView is the perfect tool for concerts, as I keep maintaining.

As usual with these videos, maximise the video window and then 'up' the quality by clicking on the gearwheel etc.

Firstly, CMX - Kultanaamio @ Club Teatria, Oulu, Finland, shot on the 15/03/2013 by Remedyer:

Simply amazing audio clarity under very high volume conditions. A bootleggers's dream - do bootleggers still exist?

Secondly, our very own Marc from the PureView Club, in the 4th row at something rather more mellow, shooting  Sandra van Nieuwland:

Marc makes the good point here about the Nokia 808 being classed as a 'phone' and thus allowed to take videos, where DSLRs and camcorders were being banned. I can see a time where word gets out, though, and we have the following exchange in a gig lobby:

Bouncer: "OK, iPhone 5, in you go. Samsung Galaxy S4? No problem.... You! You with the Nokia 808, you're not taking that in there!" 

It's only a matter of time, sadly. Though tempered with the fact that Nokia 808s are still so rare that bouncers may not recognise them. My suggestion: only show the face of the phone and pretend it's an old Nokia C7....!

Source / Credit: Nokia 808 Recordings