Tearing down (and rebuilding) the Nokia 701

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The scope of LE55ONS hardware expertise in the Symbian world continues to grow, with the Nokia 701 taking its turn to be torn apart on gory detail for your viewing pleasure - and then reassembled to show that no damage has been done. If you're thinking about a 701 repair or if you just enjoy this sort of geek porn, then knock yourself out with the fascinating video embedded below.

As usual, you might want to maximise the window and 'up' the quality?

Interestingly, the Nokia 701 is virtually a clone of the C7 (from the previous Symbian hardware generation) and you have to expect that a C7 would be very similar to take apart, should you have to repair one. No doubt there would be significant motherboard and screen tech differences, but I'll bet that 95% of the other components are the same and/or in the same mounting positions.

Comments welcome if you've taken either a C7 or 701 apart at any point!

Source / Credit: My Nokia Blog