Marc and the Nokia 808... just showing off!

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The PureView Club's Mark Wielaert was at MWC 2013 - but rather creatively he's chosen to show off some Nokia 808-shot photos of the city of Barcelona and of his trip there, rather than of the somewhat more boring show floor. Some of the examples are simply stunning and are a credit to his skill behind the phone as much as to the capabilities of the Nokia 808 itself. 

Note that some of the (very different) photos in this 8-shot gallery were shot in full 33 megapixel resolution and that full resolution versions of all the photos here are available via Flickr.

Here's my favourite from the set, with lovely 'pure' detailing:

Sample Nokia 808 pure photo

And I also have a soft spot for this one, taken at night under difficult light conditions:

Keep the photos coming, Marc!

Source / Credit: Flickr