Taking the Nokia N8 apart. Right apart

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Continuing N8 day here on AAS, I noted that, while we've linked to dismantling videos for the Nokia E7 and 808, we've never done so for the N8, the most popular camera phone flagship of recent times. With the N8 now being well over two years old, it's a fair bet that most units are now out of contract and out of warranty, which means that if an N8 goes wrong then it's down to you to repair it or else stump up a sizeable fee at a Nokia Care Point. In case you decide to go for the former, see the two videos embedded below, from master dismantler LE55ONS. Did you ever realise that all this was inside your humble N8?

First, general dismantling and reassembly:

And faster dismantling and specific replacement/repair of the AMOLED screen and digitiser:

Great stuff. Have you ever had to do this for your N8?

Source / Credit: LE55ONS