Gallery and Camera update hits the Nokia 808 and other Belle FP2 smartphones

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Again proving that the platform isn't dead, Nokia is pushing a new system update to the Nokia 808 PureView (and other devices on the same version of Symbian, such as the Nokia 701) today, billed as a 'Gallery and Camera update'. Some screens, the changelog and comments below. The update is 2MB in size, takes only 5 minutes to install and promises "improved Gallery and benefit from multiple image sharing feature. This update also includes usability and quality improvements for both Gallery and Camera".

Here's the update being applied:

Screenshot, updateScreenshot, update

You can check for yourself by going into SW Update on the device....

Effectively you can now:

  • multi-select photos and share them to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter.
  • multi-select photos and email them en-masse to specific recipients.
  • long press a photo from the main gallery thumbnail view, to send, share or delete it.
  • in the Camera application, access the general Preferences from the info pane in any shooting mode (e.g. Auto or Scenes).
  • see at a glance, again in Camera, but in 'Creative' mode, a summary of the main changes made for each of the creative presets, along with a (more) handily placed 'reset' button.
  • when shooting video, you can now toggle on (and off) the LED video light, i.e. mid-shot.

These extra multi-select abilities extend the existing 'select and delete' system and are highly welcomed, though note that there's still no explicit folder/organisational system beyond the date dividers.

Screenshot, updateScreenshot, update

Screenshot, updateScreenshot, update

Screens of the update in place. In the last one, note the new toolbar at the bottom, showing the three multi-select modes...

In theory, there are 'camera quality improvements' too, though I can't spot anything new - output on the Nokia 808 was already spectacular - how is anyone supposed to spot a quality improvement? What about you? Comments welcome!

The main change that has been spotted in Camera is that you can now access the general Preferences from any of the shooting modes, by tapping on the top-of-screen info button, it will appear beneath the mode information pane:

Screenshot, update

Snapped after I'd tapped the 'Preferences' line (which is why it's highlighted temporarily in blue - it's white on grey until tapped)

Anything else you've spotted in this platform-wide update?