Conceived down the pub? Candies vs Hypnodeer boggles at every turn

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Rarely has such a game completely baffled me, I have to say. The outrageously titled Candies vs Hypnodeer is a multiplatform puzzle that includes rocket-pack-equipped flying deer(!). It also has Symbian on its launch roster, but suffers here, largely as a result of the lower resolution nHD screens here. More below...

Here's the game in action. It claims to be 'optimised for 20 different screen resolutions', though as one of the lowest resolutions supported, I think the game suffers on Symbian. 

Screenshot, Candies vs Hypnodeer

A slight hiccup in that the title screen refused to be captured with a screenshot utility without some corruption.... Hmmm.....

Screenshot, Candies vs Hypnodeer

Two tutorial screens are all the help you get, unfortunately. I got the rough idea...

Screenshot, Candies vs Hypnodeer

Build the candies, lock the flying deer, check...

Screenshot, Candies vs Hypnodeer

And then it all goes pearshaped, with tiny little icons and items that weren't mentioned in the help...

Screenshot, Candies vs Hypnodeer

So I ended up tapping and dragging hopefully and trying to 'match-3' the candies, with the deer flying randomly off after every turn. Was I making progress? Yes. Would I have liked a proper help text/screen/tutorial? Definitely.

Is it just me finding this game utterly confusing? Is it just my eyes finding the graphics too small and too indistinct?

You can buy Candies vs Hypnodeer here in the Nokia Store if you fancy making more progress than I did!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store