Nokia Mobile VPN update brings certificate fix

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Updates are still being worked on for the Symbian platform, it seems, with today's release of an update for Nokia Mobile VPN, to improve 'certificate chain parsing' in the future. If the last eight words mean nothing to you then move on, but it's possible that certificate errors were about to become a problem to Symbian-using enterprise customers, in which case update away, it's only a 500K download.

From the update listing:

Nokia Mobile VPN is an IKE/IPSec based Virtual Private Network client that enables access to intranet services. Nokia Mobile VPN is compatible with various IKE/IPsec VPN Gateways.

v45.0.6 contains improvements to certificate chain parsing, earlier versions might have problems in the future with complicated certificate chain structures.

VPNs, in case you're curious, are the means by which corporate users can connect securely with their company's email and document servers.

Note that Nokia Mobile VPN is not a launchable application, so you won't find it at the application menu and you cannot launch it with the launch button. For more info, please see here:


You can download or update Nokia Mobile VPN here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store