Tweetian (v1.8) makes the jump to the 'new' Twitter APIs

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File this application update as 'essential', if only because this new release of the insanely great Twitter client 'Tweetian' makes the jump to Twitter's new APIs. In other words, older versions of Tweetian will stop working around the end of February, in just a couple of weeks time. Grab 1.8, anyway, it's a free download and will see both Symbian (and Meego) users happily tweeting away for months, if not years to come. Screenshots and full changelog below.

Tweetian screenshotTweetian screenshot

Loading up Tweetian 1.8 - I like to run it on my AMOLED-screened phones in 'Dark' mode, to save power.

Tweetian screenshotTweetian screenshot

'Streaming' mode is highly recommended by the developer, to save bandwidth and better fit in with Twitter's new APIs.

Tweetian screenshotTweetian screenshot

As usual, there are great image previewing functions built in.

Tweetian screenshotTweetian screenshot

Confirmation of v1.8 in place. What are you waiting for? Grab it now....!

You can download Tweetian for free here in the Nokia Store. Here's the official changelog:

  • Move to Twitter API 1.1
  • Minimum auto refresh frequency increase to 5 mins because of the rate limit of Twitter API 1.1 (use of streaming is recommanded)
  • Show retweets and favourites count for each tweet
  • Improve search UI
    • Remove the search dialog, replace with a "universal" search text field
    • tweets search and user search put together in the search page with a swipe based interface
    • the "universal" search text field also support quickly search for a user (that is cached in the autocompleter)
  • Improve the margins between contents
  • Display a text when the translations service free quota is used up
  • Backend has been rewritten
  • Disable loading of thumbnails when the app is in offline mode
  • Add new language translations but some of it is not complete (please help to complete the translations at Transifex!)
  • Bugs fix:
    • Fix the font colour in user page not change properly when in white theme
    • Fix some texts are not translated for non-English language
    • Fix the timeline/mentions/DM columns will stuck half way when switching columns using the tab buttons above
    • Fix the last word will dropped after sent a tweet/DM
(NB. for anyone who also has this installed on an N9, the Meego version needs to be uninstalled and then this version installed, since they use different Nokia Store IDs....)

Source / Credit: Peter Dickson