Bubble Birds 3: "Back in action"

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No, no, not those birds (despite the colour similarities) - these aren't angry! You may remember that we reviewed the very first version of Bubble Birds a year and a half ago? Well, the birds are back and two game modes, new islands, new powerup birds and new challenges to master. Screenshots and links below.

Here's Bubble Birds 3 in action - it's a great update and clearly a labour of love from the developer - there are animated twinkles and flourishes everywhere you look:

Bubble Birds 3 screenshotBubble Birds 3 screenshot

Ho yes, the Bubble Birds are well and truly back...

Bubble Birds 3 screenshotBubble Birds 3 screenshot

In addition to the usual level-based game mode, there's a quick and dirty Blitz mode - how fast can you knock out formations and how many points can you score before the timer runs out?

Bubble Birds 3 screenshotBubble Birds 3 screenshot

Gameplay itself will be very familiar - tap where you want to shoot and try to knock out formations higher up the screen if you can - those which hang 'from' it will also get obliterated. In addition to the other multipliers and points scoring going on, there's also the obligatory 'Angry Birds' three star system to rate each level. A bit over the top, if you ask me, but hey...

Bubble Birds 3 screenshotBubble Birds 3 screenshot

Seven lands, each with eight levels, now provide an ever-increasing challenge. As you might expect, things start out easy and then the blocks of colours start to become much more mixed and the gameplay harder...

Bubble Birds 3 screenshotBubble Birds 3 screenshot

Among the many extras are keys, coins and other collectables, plus you can opt to spend these on power up birds, such as this big black bomb bird (repeat after me, it's not angry, and no, this didn't fly in from that other game!)

Here's the changelog from earlier versions of the game:

  • two brand new game modes: Adventure and Blitz! 
  • new Lightning and Painter Birds and many others!
  • new levels
  • new obstacles
  • new power-up boosts
  • new challenges!

A very nice title and my only criticisms would be that I couldn't see any obvious way to 'buy' my way out of the on-screen ads - I'd happily pay to obliterate these, plus the wait times of several seconds between levels did get a little tiresome. This was on the E7 though, I suspect the developer has been optimising Bubble Birds 3 for faster phones like the Nokia 808 and 701?

You can download Bubble Birds 3 for free in the Nokia Store, though do note that some of the wilder in-game extras have to (apparently) be purchased within the title.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store