Monsterit is 30% physics, 30% truck, 20% fun and 20% weird

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Ah yes - Monster Trucks. I have to confess my main encounter with this unique sport is through the medical drama series House(!) In this Symbian version though, updated here with '30 new levels', you get to drive the trucks yourself, over obstacles that are often outrageous and (sometimes) invisible. Add in a few victories and a load of beer and you've got a recipe for Monster Truck fun....

Here's Monsterit in action:

Screenshot, Monsterit

The rather splendid splashscreen isn't quite borne out by the truck visuals in the game, sadly...

Screenshot, Monsterit

Once nice touch is a AAS reviewer 'kid mode', wherein gameplay is easier (your truck sustains less damage on hard landings)! I had no problems with graphics performance on the 'high' setting on the editorial E7, by the way.

Screenshot, Monsterit

The main menu starts you off with two trucks, more get unlocked after each batch of levels completed in the necessary time.

Screenshot, Monsterit

Monsterit wouldn't screenshot, annoyingly, so here's the game in action. The left throttle is for reverse gear, the right one for forwards, etc. As you'd imagine, to navigate the various obstacles, a healthy balance of throttle, momentum and (occasionally) backing up to get a better run at something are needed.

The 'invisible' obstacles are weird - I'm still not sure if they're by design or are a bug in the game!! Comments welcome if you decide to have go.

You can buy Monsterit for £1 in the Nokia Store (plus there's a very limited 'physics demo' version for free).

Source / Credit: Nokia Store