Doodle God proves slick but ultimately not that lively

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If you're feeling rather superior of all you survey then perhaps you fancy a game to suit your mood. Doodle God is a remake of the elements style of game where you start by coming the four basic (Greek) elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. As you go along, you'll create ever more complex objects, such as animals and devices. While there's not a lot one can do to be original in this genre, Doodle God does so by virtue of a very stylish and functional presentation.

Items are arranged in groups, based on element types, and this helps keep the screen free of clutter from the vast range of things you'll hopefully create. For example, water, steam, swamps and storms are all in the 'Water' group of elements. As you create new classes of items, new groups will be created, such as animals or microbes.

The game is also furnished with an impressive sound track, both during playing and as an intro video. However, there's no way to alter the volume on these so they can become quite overpowering. I did find that the music switched on randomly the first few times I played, but it did behave – eventually.

I'm not sure that this general type of game has a lot of longevity – I enjoy creating some new combinations but it soon bores me. However, if you like this kind of game, then Doodle God is a stand-out title.

You can get Doodle God in the Nokia Store for £1.50.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store