Sharp Shooter more a time waster than a time filler?

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Casual games are all very well, but they have to be interesting as well as challenging. G Soft's Sharp Shooter falls just the wrong side of this equation, with bow and arrow gameplay that gets monotonous far too quickly. More variety needed, methinks. At least you can try it for free, screenshots and links below.

Here's Sharp Shooter in action:


The new phase of full-screen ads by inneractive do seem more sensibly pitched than the old style tiny banners on their own in a otherwise blank screen...


Here's the main game. Waves of balloons rise from the bottom of the screen and you have to draw back your bow to shoot them down with arrows. You have a certain number of arrows per level and a certain number of balloons that have to be disposed of. As the levels progress, the numbers go up, but with the kill ratio rising, of course....


As the levels progress, there's a sense of accomplishment, though as hinted in my opening paragraph, there really needs to be more variety. Different formations of balloons, some obstacles or powerups - heck, even different colour balloons would do. I get the feeling G Soft has gone through the motions here....


The basic game structure is borrowed from G Soft's other titles. Nothing wrong with that - I just want to see more effort being put in all round...!

You can download a free, ad-supported version of the game here, plus here's a premium version without ads, should you find you really like Sharp Shooter after all. 

Source / Credit: Nokia Store