Wintry PureView photos of the month - feast your eyes!

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I haven't posted about some of the fabulous photos the Nokia 808 PureView can take for quite a while, but let's change that now with a quick browse through some of the best shots uploaded to the Nokia 808 PureView Group on Flickr, here themed around deepest, snowiest winter (sorry to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere!) I'm constantly amazed by the clarity and, well yes, 'purity' of the shots from the 808, which is why it's still my main day to day smartphone. See a few of the examples below and then follow your nose on Flickr to admire other examples?

Firstly, here's a warming shot from tamoadamo:

Fiery circle

Astounding. I challenge any other smartphone camera to get close to this result.

Next, a gorgeous winter ultra-low light shot from Antti Tassberg:

Who said only the Lumia 920 could take great low light shots?

What about this macro shot after a very windy, very cold night (it seems), from Battlebird:

Ice tree

Nice macro and depth of field, and stunning clarity.

Finally, what about this telling Xenon-lit shot of an ice-ridden front door, from torcida1950

Ice door

For more Nokia 808 PureView-taken photos, see the full group on Flickr!