The 'Curated Symbian Games Directory'

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Over the last few years, I've become increasingly disillusioned by the commercial mobile app stores. The criteria for inclusion seems to be just 'does it break anything on the phone?', not 'is it actually any good?' Well, I've had so much good feedback about my idea for a Curated Symbian Application Directory (i.e. just the very best apps, no rubbish) than I decided to go the extra mile and do a Curated Symbian Games Directory as well. It's new though, so if your all-time favourite game isn't listed then email me and I'll be happy to add it, subject to a sanity check(!)

From the page's intro:

One of the problems with any mobile game store is that the sheer number of poorly programmed, trivial or novelty titles that get approved means that finding the good stuff isn't easy. What's needed is a games storefront that's a hundred times smaller. But has the 1% of content that's really good

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There are several notes on the page, but I'd also add a caveat that I've explicitly focussed on great games for the 'modern Symbian' generation - i.e. games that run well on the Symbian^3/Anna/Belle devices. Several of them do also run fine on older hardware (e.g. Nokia X6/5800, etc.) but there are no guarantees. 

If anyone wants to put in the work to do a similar job explicitly for S60 5th Edition or S60 3rd Edition, then I'll be happy to link over, etc.

In the meantime, you can find the Curated Symbian Games Directory here. Enjoy! 

Source / Credit: 3-Lib