Magic Heroes unites puzzle and RPG

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We've seen plenty of games based on the old Columns formula. That is, a grid of symbols that you move around in an attempt to make lines of three or more like-symbols to make them disappear. This either clears space so you can empty the board, or the board continuously refills in an endurance mode of play. Magic Heroes does that and seamlessly integrates it into an RPG game.

In Magic Heroes, all of the symbols in the grid have a meaning; such as attack, defend, cast a spell, replenish mana (mana being the capability to do magic), etc. In each round you are pitted against some kind of beast or other enemy. You need to keep an eye on your health points and mana points, and look to match symbols that meet your needs and/or strategy.

Of course, as in similar 'match the symbol' type games, as you match some symbols, they disappear and other symbols fall downwards to fill the space, which can leads to cascades of matches. Doing this in Magic Heroes can lead to a dramatic turn of fate. It's through this that the game offers a multi-layered strategy game.

You can get Magic Heroes for free in the Nokia Store. The game developers make their money through in-app purchases of certain potions and virtual items.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store