Don Dropit rolls into town

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Remember the puzzle games you'd used to get with a ball-bearing encased in a plastic maze, and you have to tilt the casing to navigate the ball through to the awaiting dimple where it would sit victoriously? Well, there's been plenty of these types of games on smartphones since accelerometers became a standard bit of kit. The latest that we've found on Symbian is the ever-so cute Don Dropit. He's a hedgehog who seems to live atop perilous cliffs, and he's hungry. Exploiting his desperate plight, someone has been sadistically placing gingerbread biscuits for him. All he has to do is curl up in a ball and get to them, with your help.

These types of games are always harder than they look, with the more you tilt the phone the faster the ball rolls, and of course you have to think about stopping distances. In this game though, if you go over the edge of the 'maze' you don't just bounce off, you fall to your death! So, 'carefully does it' is the order of business.

To make things even harder, the cliffs sometimes have blue bridges that fade in and out of existence (as well as glass plates that shatter when you use them), and so you start to feel pressured into rushing over them. That, however, makes Don roll even faster and more likely to fly off the far side of the cliff, so you have to control your nerves as well as the balled-up hedgehog!

It’s a great bit of fun, and you can get Don Dropit on the Nokia Store for £1.50.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store