K.O. Racing 3D shows multiplayer prowess, needs gameplay work though

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Perhaps slightly more graphical demo than game, K.O. Racing 3D does feature some lightning fast 3D texture mapping and working Bluetooth multiplayer racing, but is let down as a game by not having accelerometer control. Screenshots and links below.

Here's K.O. Racing 3D in action:

Screenshot, K.O. Racing 3D

A novel and welcome way to set up preferences - 'Bob' asks you questions!!

Screenshot, K.O. Racing 3D

Picking a car to drive....

Screenshot, K.O. Racing 3D

The environments are texture-mapped 3D, though very pixellated if you get too close or freeze-frame, as we did here(!) Car control is via tapping the left/right icons, rather sadly - this title is crying out for accelerometer control and better physics... Note the brake icon at the bottom - this doubles as reverse gear if you get stuck against a rocky outcrop, etc.

Screenshot, K.O. Racing 3D

Most impressive is the Bluetooth multi-player, which worked first time with no special setup at all. In theory, there's also online multiplayer, though I couldn't find anyone to play. Ah well. Your comments welcome!

Hopefully, this is just a first version and the game will be improved significantly. One to keep an eye on though?

You can download the ad-supported version of K.O. Racing 3D here for free or grab the paid for version here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store