qooSystem shows more data, more flexibly, more prettily

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You may remember that we reviewed qooSystem recently, a combined power-widget and full-screen system information utility? It has now been updated significantly, with more widget options, more data to draw on and new cosmetics. Link and changelog is below.

According to Symbian Tweet:

Changelog v1.2:

  • More widget options: upto 4 data sources
  • New data sources: Call log & data counter
  • New Belle style icon
  • New widget backgrounds


As we said in our review, though:

In trying to think about who qooSystem would appeal to, it really does seem stuck between two extremes. Those who want something akin to the Windows Task Manager will be disappointed as there are no time graphs of system activity. Meanwhile, most users probably wouldn't want to be concerned with such details.

Still though, for just £1 on the Nokia Store there is a fair amount of novelty value to be had.

Back in the days of the Nokia N97 and 5800, I was obsessed by all the information on offer here, trying to eke every last ounce of performance out of my smartphone. Now, with the Nokia 808, 701, etc, and even on the likes of the N8 and E7, there's enough RAM and (usually) processor power that I leave the micro-management of the device to Symbian OS. What about you? Do you still crave a detailed task manager and accurate RAM readout?

Source / Credit: Symbian Tweet