RubiBox debuts a client for Symbian

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It seems that the faster people write off Symbian as not having many apps or services, developers step into the breach to fill the gaps. Today's exhibit: RubiBox, a free, full ( client, for browsing and downloading, plus uploading files as needed. Screenshots and links below.

Here's RubiBox in action:

Screenshot, RubiBoxScreenshot, RubiBox

RubiBox's beginnings... (right) authenticating within the application...

Screenshot, RubiBoxScreenshot, RubiBox

Tap on a folder to drill into it (right), then tap again to rename, download, delete, etc, as needed

Screenshot, RubiBoxScreenshot, RubiBox

Keep an eye on your account in Settings. By default you get a dark theme (yay!) and downloads pointed to your system disk C: ('Phone memory') - tap on this to change it to mass memory, we'd suggest!

Screenshot, RubiBoxScreenshot, RubiBox

Picking a file to upload and then sending it up into the current folder. Easy!

I'm not sure how popular is compared to Dropbox, but either way it's good to have full clients for each on the Symbian platform.

You can download RubiBox for free here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store