Brick Buster pushes Qt's real time animation

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It's hardly Real Racing 2 or Temple Run, but there's still something to be said for the humble Breakout implementation, here in power-upped, level-themed form on Symbian. It's also free if you can put up with a few ads (or pay a quid for the ad-free version). It's implemented in Qt, too, which is slightly unusual for a fast arcade game and I suspect that Brick Buster's animation pushes Qt on Symbian to its performance limits.

Here's Brick Buster in action:

Screenshot, Brick BusterScreenshot, Brick Buster

Each of the 30-odd levels in Brick Buster are themed, with different brick configurations and colours and different arty backdrops...

Screenshot, Brick BusterScreenshot, Brick Buster

Animation is well done for the bricks, ball and bat, though it's jerky for the falling bonuses and power ups - as I say, probably pushing Qt to its limits, graphically; (right) 'just because they can' - a whizzy animated glowing orb backdrop for some of the message pop-ups....

Screenshot, Brick BusterScreenshot, Brick Buster

A swipe down Android-style menu looks good; (right) help screens deliver tips and go on to describe all the different bonuses and power ups...

Brick Buster, despite the jerky bonuses, is fun to play with direct finger control over the paddle. With the on-screen action and (as shown in the tip above) paddle reflection depending on which bit of the paddle the ball hits, there's always action and it's rare to hit a 'few blocks left' scenario where you can't easily progress.

You can buy an ad-free version of the game for £1 here in the Nokia Store or download the free ad-supported version here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store