Mini-review: Timing Rocks! does indeed ROCK

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Every now and then an application comes along in the Symbian world that just makes me smile. It's pretty, it's very functional, it's downright useful and it's even free. Timing Rocks! is an exercise/sports timer and provides a slick and speedy interface to help guide you through proper warm ups and routines, and to time events where necessary too. Screens and comments below.

Here's Timing Rocks! in action:

Timing Rocks! screenshotTiming Rocks! screenshot

Two main functions, the stopwatch, for timing a workout, and the timer, for guidance; (right) the stopwatch in action, showing the 'interval' function in use... Interestingly, the 'Log' function allows saving its interval data directly into a new workout (of which more below), so you could use the system to time an existing workout (perhaps by someone else) and then have the timing data presented for refinement later on. Very cool.

Timing Rocks! screenshotTiming Rocks! screenshot

In addition to its timing wizardry, there's configuration of various sounds, so that you can be alerted when each interval is up (e.g. to switch to a different exercise); (right) these workouts come predefined, but you can easily add your own...

Timing Rocks! screenshotTiming Rocks! screenshot

This attractive and intuitive configuration screen allows customisation of workouts, adding exercises, repetitions and intervals as needed.

Timing Rocks! screenshotTiming Rocks! screenshot

With exercise underway, the timers get going and keep you company, sounding out when you need to change and with the display showing what to do next; (right) the 'Help' system is online, which is a bit of a kludge but does allow the developer to add to it easily...

Clearly a labour of love by the developer, Tarasov Mobile, you can grab Timing Rocks! for free in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store