Beta WLAN Software Update now rolled out to Belle Refresh too

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Nokia Beta Labs has proved that development and support for Symbian isn't quite done yet, with the roll out of the WLAN Software Update to older phones, in this case the N8, E7, C7, C6-01, E6, X7 and Oro, as long as they have been updated to Belle Refresh. The update is aimed at improving connectivity to older routers and, indeed, seems to have significantly improved Wi-fi reliability on the All About Symbian E7. Good news all round, though (as ever) be careful with 'beta' software and if your Wi-fi is already working fine then you probably don't need this. 

You may remember my earlier story about the release of this beta release for the Nokia 808 and 701?

Here's the description of the issue:

[Symbian phones] are facing Wi-Fi interoperability (IOP) issues with some old WLAN Access Points (AP). An issue with the WLAN software has been identified and a fix has been made.

This trial updates the WLAN software on the phone. 

I downloaded and installed the patch without issue on the Nokia E7. After installation, just turn off wi-fi and then turn it back on again.


Gotta love that 'Updated' date. 8-)

Comments welcome if this fixes any Wi-fi issues you've been having with the Symbian^3/Anna generation devices. If the trial goes well (give feedback to Nokia here) then hopefully this patch will roll out officially through SW Update.

Source / Credit: Nokia Beta Labs