Opera Mini gets major new version (7.1)

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Opera Mini, everybody's 'go to' web browser on Symbian when there's the slightest whiff of a shortage of bandwidth, has had a major update, from 7.03 to 7.10, screenshotted below. Aside from UI tweaks and optimisations, the major thing here is better download management. Note that there have been server-side fixes too, including fixing the (very low bandwidth) YouTube video streaming.

You can grab v7.10 by pointing Web on your smartphone to m.opera.com. Here's installation and shots of the new version of Opera Mini in action:

Opera Mini screenshotOpera Mini screenshot

Installation - the top link is the one you want...

Opera Mini screenshotOpera Mini screenshot

The Start screen, here remembering my configuration from a previous version, it seems(!); (right) AAS loaded up

Opera Mini screenshotOpera Mini screenshot

The mobile and full desktop versions of IMDB rendered in Opera Mini - as usual, you can pan around and pinch/splay to zoom as needed

Opera Mini screenshotOpera Mini screenshot

Rendering the full monstrosity that's The Verge's desktop site - it loads faster than on my desktop (due to the server-side compression, etc.); (right) YouTube and other streaming video is handled by the server grabbing and transcoding the stream - the end result is 240p at best, but it does provide a way to watch YouTube content and make sense of it even on a slow 3G connection.

Really a stunning piece of work from the Opera guys. Well done all round. Here's the original update notification post, along with the quoted changelog:

In this release we focused on various download handling improvements in addition to further stability and bug fixes. Here is a short list of what we've prepared for you:

  • Possibility to rename files before download
  • Non-finished downloads are now preserved upon browser exit and can be resumed in the next browser session
  • Support for resuming of a failed download
  • Target folder is now saved for each type of download (e.g. music, images or video)
  • Added warning dialog if download with the same filename already exists
  • Various improvements and bug fixes for Speed Dial and Smart Page
  • Localization updates
  • Connection stability improvements
  • Other bug- and stability fixes

Source / Credit: Symbian Developers Blog