The 'h' word... and the top 10 beautiful clock widgets and system mods

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Given that it's almost two years since Nokia gave Symbian an End of Life and that it's unlikely we'll see many more firmware updates for our phones, I think we can relax a few self-imposed rules on AAS. Namely, the 'h' word - hacking, as in messing with a few system files in Symbian so as to bypass some of the usual restrictions and thus be able to install things that would otherwise not be allowed - in this case fancy clocks and UI mod(ifications). Helpfully collated by the Symbian Developers blog, quotes and links below.

Firstly check out the 'top 10 best widget clocks':

Here are ten of the best looking widget clocks that you can get for your Symbian Belle homescreen. Each one is made with great precision and yeah looks really good on the homescreen especially if you have proper choice of wallpapers!

Now, to use different widget skins and clocks, your phone must be hacked. It’s very easy to hack your Symbian phone, takes a few steps only. Here is a tutorial. If you are new to hacking, you can have a look here for an introduction.

I have selected some excellent Widget Clock Skins, both for the Analog and Digital clock widgets present in Symbian Belle and have linked each to their respective posts in the forum so you can have detailed info about them.

Beautiful clockClock/weather

Very nice indeed - potentially worth 'hacking' for?

Secondly, the same blog has put together the 'top 10 mods', i.e. the top 10 system UI modifications:

A list of the best top 10 mods available for Symbian devices. Take your time and go through the list to find some of the best ways to customise your device.

Now I have manually selected some very useful mods for your Symbian devices (Belle+) that will not only make your life easier but will also improve the productivity of your device. These ten mods among many are strictly my personal choice though I have taken some recommendations from my staff members. If a deserving mod hasn't made up to this list, it is strictly my mistake. A list of top ten will vary from person to person but the list below is my personal favourite and the most acceptable ones. I have linked each mod to its respective thread in the forum so you can see user responses to each particular mod mentioned here and also ask the creator of the mod more questions about its installation and also report bugs (just in case you face one).

Extended menu grid

Very cool, despite the obvious dangers (i.e. that you mod something wrongly and the phone needs factory resetting and rebuilding). Comments welcome - have you hacked any of your Symbian phones yet?

Source / Credit: Symbian Developers Blog