Boggle your mind with 8 Over 12

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I like puzzle games. Moreover, I like puzzle games I can eventually work out. 8 over 12 (and it's numerically lesser cousins) is a puzzle that has me stumped. In this game you have 8 white discs that you can move around the screen, each is connected to the next in a loop. Then there are 12 red discs that light up when one of the white connecting lines pass through them. Your objective is to light up all the red discs.

Here are my attempts at solving 8 over 12

Fundamentally, it's a topology problem but the red discs are placed randomly and so you will need some creative thinking and experimentation. There are also two other games, by the same person, in the same vein, but are possibly easier if you find this one too difficult: 6 over 8 and 5 over 6.

Each game is in the Nokia Store for £1.00 - highly recommended for puzzle fans. I expect the first level you play in each of these will keep you busy for quite some time. Once you figure out the pattern in the first level, you might whizz through other levels, unless you win by luck ;-)

Source / Credit: Nokia Store