Steve's attempted switch-over from Symbian to WP8 and the Lumia 920

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I've been trying to live with Nokia's 'new' platform, Windows Phone 8, and the camera-specialist Lumia 920 in particular, and, given my Symbian background, I thought readers here might like to see my eventual WP8 set-up. In other words, my preferred layout and application loadout in trying to match that in my existing Nokia 808 PureView. I'd phrase the move as a 'qualified success' so far, though clearly both Nokia and Microsoft have still got work to do. Some quotes below.

From the full piece:

Having now been living with the Nokia Lumia 920 and Windows Phone 8 off and on for the last two months, I've found that my setup has been iterating week on week, eventually stabilising on what is my 'optimal' Start screen and application loadout. Now, I know that every Windows Phone will be set up differently, but hopefully something about my final configuration and app picks will prove of interest to the AAWP readership.

Let's start (naturally enough) with my Start screen, shown in two images below. Although Start screens can be much longer, I'm a firm believer in not having to scroll or swipe too far. After all, a Start screen (/home screen) is supposed to only be the things that I usemost, so there's no point in putting everything there. Two screen-fulls is about right for me. I can't fit everything in one - I tried. But swiping is quick and two screens turned out to be perfect.

Another philosophy which kind of evolved is to have most of my most used tiles small and on the right, since I do try to use my phone one-handed a lot of the time and these small shortcut tiles are then perfectly placed for my right thumb.

Start screenStart screen

There's no doubt that some aspects of Windows Phone 8 knock spots off my Symbian experience, though there are also aspect of Symbian which have yet to be matched. In this case, I missed full multitasking, I missed Profiles, I missed Symbian's battery efficiency.

Comments welcome if you too have experimented with switching platforms like this. How did you get on?

Source / Credit: All About Windows Phone