Belle Extra Buttons gets big UI update

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'Belle Extra Buttons' overlays new icons and functions onto the standard Symbian Belle homescreen toolbar, as you might have guessed from the name. It's a kludge, admittedly, but a rather cool one and has been very actively developed. This latest update, v1.7.5, is a big one and introduces a dynamic shortcut window. Full changelog and links below.

From the Symbian Developers write-up


What’s new in Belle Extra Buttons (v 1.7.5)

  • Dynamic Expandable window extends & shrinks to fit its shortcuts.
  • Stylish battery floating window that shows:
  • a) Battery level in both percentage (%) and (mAh).
  • b) Battery estimated remaining time.
  • c) Charger status ( Plugged in & charging / Plugged in & not charging).
  • d) Stylish battery indicator icon.
  • e) Tap on battery indicator icon to Activate/ Deactivate Power Saving Mode.
  • Music Player Control Buttons, via drop down menu, to Play / Pause / Resume / Play Next / Play Previous sound track.
  • a) When you tap on Play button while music player is closed, it will launch music player application in background while playing last played sound track.

Belle Extra Buttons is full commercial software at £3 in the Nokia Store, but it does bring quite a freshness to the Symbian homescreen.

Comments welcome if you've come to rely on it. A kludge too far or a wonderful UI enhancement?

Source / Credit: Symbian Developers Blog