Air Music - channel your inner R2D2?

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I walked round the kitchen several times before my wife said "What IS that wierd bleeping noise?" "Ah", I said, "that'll be Air Music. It responds to accelerometer movement in the phone and converts these to sound. Cool, isn't it?" "No", was the reply, "I never want to hear it again!". Ah well. Cool app, novelty or downright annoyance, you decide. I came across the freeware Air Music in the Nokia Store and though you might at least like to see it in action - and then decide for yourself.

Here are some screenshots of Air Music in action:

Air Music screenshotAir Music screenshot

By default, the 'blob' is centred and silent. As you move or shake or tilt the phone, the blob colours up and emits various bleeping noises of multifarious pitch. Odd!

Air Music screenshotAir Music screenshot

You can control the volume produced by Air Music - which is just as well!

And, just to give you more of an idea, here's Air Music in video form:

You can download the ad-supported Air Music from the Nokia Store here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store