Puff less with SmokeCounter

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Given that the collective All About team have never smoked a cigarette in our lives (as far as I know), I drew the short straw cigarette to look at SmokeCounter for Symbian. It's a lifestyle application designed to help a smoker gradually cut down their intake and (hopefully, presumably) give up altogether. Rather basic, but nicely implemented and if it helps improve someone's health then I'm all for it.

Here's SmokeCounter in action:

SmokeCounter screenshotSmokeCounter screenshot

The idea here is that you set yourself a daily maximum number of smokes and let the application keep track for you. Putting in the price per box (of 20? - sorry, I really am not sure!) will then also help motivate you to cut down by calculating how much you're spending each day on your habit; (right) the main SmokeCounter interface. Note that the application calculates when you're next 'allowed' a cigarette.

SmokeCounter screenshotSmokeCounter screenshot

The simple Help screen; (right) note that your smoking stats can be exported to comma-separated-value text file for later analysis in Excel. There's also a dedicated stats page, for analysis in the application itself.

Oddly, this is listed as 'SmokeCounter English' in the Nokia Store and there are no other country variants, so perhaps other translations are coming - the author seems to be Italian(?) and there are some English typos. Might it not have been neater to have just the one application and then have a setting for 'Language' though?

You can buy SmokeCounter for the price of a couple of cigarettes £1 in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store