The PureView Road to Hell

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What do you get when you approach an intimate rock gig with not one but two 'PureView' phones? A chance to create a two-camera video edit with pretty good quality, that's what. In this case, a cover of a Chris Rea classic, shot (and with audio recorded) by the Nokia 808 PureView and with some close-up shots filled in with the Nokia Lumia 920, both spliced nicely. Oh, and get past the initial 30 seconds of dance floor, it gets a lot better!...

From today's post at Nokia 808 Recordings, the venue was extremely dark, presenting a significant challenge to the people filming it on their phones:

As usual, maximise the window and 'up' the quality to 1080p, plus turn up your speakers to hear that Nokia HAAC audio quality....!

The 808 in particular has carved itself out a real place as the phone of choice for taking to gigs, and the 920, with High Amplitude Audio Capture as well, plus image stabilisation, also does well if you can get close enough to the action.

Source / Credit: Nokia 808 Recordings