MeeGo Maximo - hints of MeeGo, hints of Retro, lots of cool

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Having been playing a lot (in my top 5!) with MeeGo and the Nokia N9 recently (yes, yes, another 'dead' OS), I thought I'd look again at themes for Symbian that had been inspired by MeeGo and was struck by MeeGo Maximo, with many of the icons giving off a distinct hint of Symbian Anna. So, yes, I'm playing the retro card here in at least two ways. MeeGo Maximo is a free theme and screenshotted below. Well worth a download, to see how you get on?

Here's MeeGo Maximo in action:

Screenshot, MeeGo MaximoScreenshot, MeeGo Maximo

A heavy gradient blue emphasis; note the icons are 'super-sized', the largest they can be under MeeGo and Symbian Anna, apparently. It's a very 'in your face' look after Belle's more subtle icons...

Screenshot, MeeGo MaximoScreenshot, MeeGo Maximo

System messages acquire this rather lovely neon blue gradient; Right, simple blue highlights in Calendar.

It's a simple theme and quite light at only a Megabyte, but I've been enjoying it on my phones. Comments welcome!

You can download MeeGo Maximo for free here in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store