Nokia Suite's 'official' track gets Windows 8, Office 2013 support

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We reported a while back that Nokia was experimenting with Windows 8 and Office 2013 support in the beta track releases of Nokia Suite. After a few beta cycles, this support has now been rolled out officially, with the availability of Nokia Suite v3.7.22.0.

Nokia Suite

Keeping up to date with Nokia Suite is highly recommended - to update an existing copy, just use 'Check for updates' on the menu. With this new stable release though, also available from Nokia's web site, new users will be up and running immediately on Windows 8 and Office 2013.

Rather insultingly to the hundreds of millions of Symbian users in the world, the official download pages states: "Nokia Suite is meant for the latest non-Lumia phones, such as the Asha family". Somebody tap me on the shoulder when there are hundreds of millions of Asha phones in active use....(!)