Nokia and 'new feature development' for the 808 PureView?

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Good detective work from the Daily Mobile forum people a while back, but which I've only just noticed(!) - looking at the wording in Nokia's communications to its developers, it seems that the original statement about Symbian being in 'maintenance' mode (i.e. bug fixes and compatibility fixes only) wasn't intended to apply to the Nokia 808 PureView, which should still get 'new feature development' to 'attract end users'. Great news for all those with Nokia's ultimate Symbian device - looks like it's worth seeing what Nokia and Accenture can add in 2013 after all... Quotes below.

From the original article (back in October, it seems, though I/we missed it at the time!):

It seems that my earlier report of the demise of Symbian may have been premature. Now I found out that Nokia 's earlier statement was just poorly worded.  One of our many awesome forum readers named Tester dug a little bit deeper and found another bug report where Nokia back tracked on its original statement.

....they amend this after they close the report to clarify Symbian's fate and indeed tell us that Symbian is not dead yet.

Wait... Symbian is Not Dead Yet?

So there you have it! Symbian is not dead and the Nokia Pure View 808 will indeed see new features! Again thanks to the great users in our forum for being passionate about their phones and digging deeper. 

Great news, albeit from a couple of months ago - I'd always suspected that there were some application updates still to come for the 808 - Gallery, in particular, still needs fleshing out. And hopefully the Nokia 700, 701 and perhaps 603 will also get these updates, since they seem to be inheriting other 808 applications and modules.

Hopefully nothing has changed at Nokia and Accenture since the statement was made and plans for such 'feature development' are still in place for 2013?

Source / Credit: Daily Mobile