S-Click offers a wealth of mobile shortcuts for the lazy

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Opinion is still divided on whether S-Click is a stroke of genius or a pointless waste of pixels... It's an idea that's been tried before, but not this comprehensively. And certainly not as a paid utility. S-Click presents a graphical menu onto the current mobile sites for around 15 popular web and social services. And err.... that's it. As a free app, I'd give it a cautious thumbs up, but being commercial rankles with me, if I'm honest.

Here's the idea, S-Click in action:

S-Click screenshotS-Click screenshot

Effectively, S-Click knows the URLs of the various mobile web sites and simply launches Web for you with the right URLs. Here's Amazon, for example.

S-Click screenshotS-Click screenshot

Web itself has to do all the hard work of remembering logins (with cookies etc) - here's Twitter and Google Adsense, for example, two of the 15 or so services linked to.

S-Click screenshotS-Click screenshot

Issues with the whole 'launching Web' interface are that you have to manually 'Exit' Web each time by using its menu. I suppose you could switch back to S-Click and launch another Web instance for another service, but things might get a bit messy. 


Another issue is that services tend to change their site structure and URLs at the drop of a hat. In this case, Hotmail had done so in between S-Click's last release and today, with the error shown.

My biggest problem with all this, though, is that you could achieve exactly the same thing, but with less hassle and zero expense by simply using the bookmark feature built into Web - it's what I do, for the mobile versions of YouTube, Google+ and Flickr, for example. And that way, you stay within the same application and everything's more efficient.

S-Click is £1 in the Nokia Store and I'd be interested in your opinions on the idea, price and implementation!

Source / Credit: Nokia Store