Sky Force Reloaded is err... reloaded!

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Aha! Merry Christmas from Infinite Dreams and Nokia, who have finally sorted out the certificate issue that stopped the arcade classic Sky Force Reloaded being available for modern Symbian phones. Admittedly, what was once cutting edge action in 2007 now looks a tiny bit retro in today's iOS and Android HD world, but don't that let that put you off snapping up a Symbian gaming legend, now in the Nokia Store for Belle Refresh and Belle FP1 and FP2 devices. Screens and link below.

Here's Sky Force Reloaded in action on the Nokia 808 PureView. Don't be put off by the black border at the top and the somewhat wasteful bottom banner - this is an unashamed port from a lower resolution version on non-touch S60. However, once under way, you'll be far too busy blasting helicopters and tanks to notice any display quirks - trust me....

Screenshot, Sky Force ReloadedScreenshot, Sky Force Reloaded

Moody futuristic choppers and warplanes are the order of the day - and (right) Sky Force Reloaded is fully tweakable in terms of control and audio.

Screenshot, Sky Force ReloadedScreenshot, Sky Force Reloaded

Three difficulty levels mean that, whatever your reflexes and finger agility, you'll get a challenging game here. The default 'touch to drag' control method works well, apart from when the action gets tough and your fingers start to get sweaty(!)

Screenshot, Sky Force ReloadedScreenshot, Sky Force Reloaded

At the end of each wave of action, there's a huge boss that needs dozens of 'hits' to take down - fail to get enough in before it passes by and it's level 'uncompleted'... 

Yes, this is a relic of S60 from the days of old - but it's competently, if not perfectly, converted for touch, and still comes recommended. (It goes without saying that this is still available for older phones too.)

You can buy Sky Force Reloaded here in the Nokia Store for £3 - if you've bought it before for a previous device a couple of years ago then it should come up as just 'Download' etc.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store