SunCalc - everything you ever wanted to know about where the sun is (and more)

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Maybe you're a sun-worshipper?(!) Or just a sky-geek? Or maybe you just like staying informed, fascinated by the changing path of the Sun around our planet? Either way, SunCalc is just about the last word in Sun-related utilities, now available to buy for Symbian. Screenshots, comments and links below.

Here's SunCalc in action:

Screenshot, SunCalcScreenshot, SunCalc

It's easy to change the location that the calculations are done for, but easiest of all is just to let SunCalc use your GPS position; (right) the main SunCalc display, showing the sun's path above the horizon (hardly at all, given that I'm testing this mid-winter in the UK!), along with a wealth of official sunrise and sunset-related times.


The sun's path can be dragged left and right, to browse through the day, and navigation buttons at the top of the screen let you browse through future and past days, as needed.

Screenshot, SunCalcScreenshot, SunCalc

Qt controls are used for picking dates, and so on, and there's a (right) detailed help text available.

Screenshot, SunCalcScreenshot, SunCalc

There are in fact three view options. (Left) Showing the minimal view, relying on colour codes; and (right) showing the most detailed view, with even more Sun statistics. Double-tap the display to toggle between them etc.

A super-specialist utility that won't be of interest to 99% of phone owners. But if you're in the 1% then this comes recommended. You can buy SunCalc in the Nokia Store for £3 here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store