'Nokia Maps' base maps get a Christmas 2012 update

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Proving, perhaps, that Nokia's winding down of Symbian development can still benefit from work done for Windows Phone and, indeed, the wider (and new) Here platform, an update is now available for the worldwide map data for Nokia Maps/Drive on all Symbian-powered phones. Screenshot proof below - the update, obviously, includes more up to date road maps and offline POI data. You can update over the air or with Nokia Suite, according to preference.

To update, go into Maps on your phone, tap on the menu icon, then 'Map Loader' and then 'Check for updates':

Screenshot, Map updateScreenshot, Map update

So only a 0.01 bump on the base map version number, but the 17.12.2012 release date is reassuring. Do let us know if a map error near your house has been fixed or if a particularly new road is now included. I checked with users in other countries and new map data is also available for them, so the update seems worldwide.

Screenshot, Map updateScreenshot, Map update

Checking for, and receiving the maps update, installed by default to mass memory or microSD, depending on which phone is being used. I tested the update on the 2012 Nokia 808 PureView and the 2009 Nokia X6, running S60 5th Edition and both worked fine (the latter via Nokia Suite), but I'd be interested to hear if the update is also shown as available for even older phones.