MineSweeper is clean, futuristic and free

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MineSweeper remains a classic logic game that's perfect for whiling away time on long journeys or unwinding before bed. And this new version, while free of gimmicks and frills, is also free of ads or purchase fees, so there's absolutely no reason not to grab it. Look out for the novel 'infinite zoom' feature too, which is outrageously over the top...

Here's MineSweeper in action:

MineSweeper screenshotMineSweeper screenshot

You know the game by now... mines are marked by tapping the flag mode control, bottom left - if you forget to do this or tap on a wrong square to clear it by mistake then it's explosion time!

MineSweeper screenshotMineSweeper screenshot

The + and - controls zoom the playing field in and out, seemingly without limit. Here I'm zoomed in way too much (and could go further) and zoomed out way too much (and again can go further, to the point where the playing field disappears altogether)! Cool, though you'll only ever need 2 or 3 of the zoom levels...

MineSweeper screenshotMineSweeper screenshot

A simple help pane, if you need it (you won't) and (right) I've triumphed again in the battle of mind over mines...

You can download MineSweeper for free from the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store