Updating the 'Curated Symbian Application Store'

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You may remember that, fed up with reams of (in my opinion) novelty/niche/poor items being added to the Nokia Store (other mobile stores are just as bad, note), I created the Curated Symbian Store a year ago? Essentially my directory of just the best applications in the modern Symbian world, all on one page, all at the same time. It has now been updated, for its anniversary, now listing 135 applications in ten different categories, along with review links where appropriate and a flag to indicate freeware. Hopefully worth bookmarking?

Do note that the directory doesn't list games, not least because whether a game is any good is a very subjective matter (though I haven't ruled out a Games directory if there's enough interest). And note also that by 'modern Symbian', I mean that there's a requirement to work well on Symbian^3/Anna/Belle smartphones, we're not talking legacy apps (or even S60 5th Edition) here.

Comments welcome if you think I've missed out a classic Symbian application or if you think something in the Curated Symbian Application store is not worthy of a place.

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