Dynamite Fishing 2 is a blast

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Time for some Friday afternoon silliness. Dynamite Fishing 2's title leaves nothing to the imagination. You play a stereotypical American redneck, whom the tutorial pulls no punches in mocking. Perhaps too far, but let's assume no malice was intended.

The game is a sideways scrolling action game. However, it's fixed to playing in portrait mode which makes the game that much harder to play. Our beloved redneck sails along tossing dynamite into the water, the longer you press the further he throws. Also, touching either side of the screen allows you to navigate up and down the waterways. This is why the portrait mode makes things tricky, as you have much less time to react and so have to keep doubling back on yourself.

There are freestyle and tournament modes of play, and as you advance you get ever more crazy weapons. Early on, you'll have pump action shotguns and flame throwers to hunt birds overhead. Later on, you'll even have anti-air guns, which I dread to think about!

You can pick Dyanmite Fishing 2 for £1 in the Nokia Store, plus a free trial.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store