Line of Attack and how not to do billing

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Line of Attack is a strategy game that mirrors the futility of tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses) and the territorial nature of Othello (Reversi). The object of the game is to score points by creating lines of stones on a board. However, you must keep an eye your opponent. It can be more important to block your opponent from scoring than scoring yourself. Thus, as you learn to play the object of the game changes from scoring points to blocking your opponent and tricking your him/her/it into not blocking you.

The game has a two player (pass back and forth) mode, a "classic" one-off game mode, and a tournament mode. You'll also find several levels of artificial intelligence to play against. Most importantly though, there is a help page that explains the rules of the game.

I was quite enjoying myself up to five minutes into the game play, when my game was indignantly halted and I recalled a menu that had popped up when I launched the game. The game is free to download from the Nokia Store, but its title is labelled with "trial". When launched, Line of Attack presents you with a number of payment options, including to play once for £1, to buy out-right for £5, and to play for free for just 5 minutes.

Once you've had your free five minutes there's no more free gameplay. I can't help but feel this method of trialware is somewhat tormenting, and £5 is far more than I would spend on a mobile game.

Overall, great strategy game, but disappointing payment structure.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store