Rocking and intimate - got to be the Nokia 808 again...

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The Nokia 808 PureView is carving itself a place as the ultimate capture device for small rock gigs. Where you get up close and intimate with the band and able to capture both the people and the high volume sound in incredible stereo quality (with the 'Rich Recording' system). Below is another great example, with someone stageside with Finnish rock combo Francine. 

Check out, in particular, the personable bassist with electrified double bass! As usual with these videos, maximise the quality to 1080p and then make it full-screen for best effect.

Great stuff. There have been many 808-shot rock gigs but a lot have been shot from quite a way back - great sound but visuals too jerky or indistinct, so I like to pick out examples shot much closer to the show. And with music that's decent!

Source / Credit: Nokia 808 Recordings