QuickStocks impresses at every turn, available free and ad-free

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It's not often you encounter an application which does, literally, everything right. If this was a formal review it would get over 90% - happily, there's a ad-supported free version so you can just try it for yourself. QuickStocks, as the name suggests, is a viewport onto the state of the stock market, showing the rising and falling of your most inspected shares, along with trends and graphs, all in a super slick interface. Screens and links below.

Here's QuickStocks in action - it works on any Qt-compatible S60 5th Edition or Symbian-powered handset:

Screenshot, QuickStocksScreenshot, QuickStocks

Unsurprisingly, for a financial app, there's a disclaimer to step past(!); (right) the main QuickStocks interface, fully swipeable, showing a rich tableau of stats, not least colour coded prices to indicate rises and falls.

Screenshot, QuickStocksScreenshot, QuickStocks

Tap on any stock and it expands to show a graphical panel, tap again on the blue period button and you can choose the time period required; (right) the panels stay expanded, so you can have more than one graph up at once.

Screenshot, QuickStocksScreenshot, QuickStocks

It's easy to add stocks (or currencies, since these are also tracked) using the built-in stock search function. Stocks can also be deleted by tapping and holding on any for a number of seconds); (right) one of the pop-up ad panels - see the link below to get rid of these!

Highly recommended on every front. There's a free ad-supported version here, or a commercial ad-free version here for £4 in the Nokia Store.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store