fahrplan offers Europe-wide (overland) train planning

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Written in Qt for Symbian^3 (and up) smartphones, 'fahrplan' is a front end for a number of Europe-wide (and Australia, apparently) overland train service schedules. It's all clearly laid out, with light and dark theme options, and free (though donations are encouraged), though there's no 'live' information. Screens and link below.

Here's fahrplan in action:

Screenshot, fahrplanScreenshot, fahrplan

The dark (AMOLED-friendly) and light themes, all very clear. This is the default schedule query form.

Screenshot, fahrplanScreenshot, fahrplan

And typical results ('Trans' means 'Changes'). There's also the 'Departures' view, shown right, with all trains leaving the station of your choice.

Screenshot, fahrplanScreenshot, fahrplan

The station queries involve quick matching and work well, though if overland stations (e.g. "Customs House" being tried here) are part of a largely underground network then they may not be matched. Right, it's easy to 'favourite' stations as you go, for quick call up later.

An excellent free train schedule tool, especially if you travel across Europe. You can download fahrplan here in the Nokia Store and there's also the developer's PayPal address, paypal@smurfy.de, should you really like the app.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store