Find Honey is a spatial memory-taxing puzzler

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Memory games can be fascinating at times - and also frustrating when your ten year old kid beats you hands down. But at least you can get some practice in with Find Honey, a test of spatial memory (i.e. where things are). The implementation is a touch amateurish in places, the ad-system is a bit greedy, and the degree of difficulty takes a while to ramp up, but it does work and is, notably, available in English and Arabic.

Here's Find Honey in action on my Nokia E6:

Screenshot Screenshot

Note the title in both English and Arabic - the 'Ar' button, right, switches the whole game into its second language.

Screenshot Screenshot

The aim of the game is that you're shown an ever-increasing number of honey cells for a few seconds and you've got to remember where they are. Then it's tap away with only five mistakes tolerated, trying to find the honey again. As the levels progress, there's more honey to find and less time to memorise its location. Helpfully, if you go back to the game later, you can resume from the level you left off at rather than have to start with the really easy levels again....

Screenshot Screenshot

Help screens in both languages - more games should be multi-lingual, don't you think?

The eagle-eyed of you will have spotted the use of in-app adverts above. Slightly annoyingly, Find Honey bucks the usual trend by supplying these ads even in the paid £1 version. Admittedly, they don't get in the way and the developer has every right to monetise his development work, but I do think a mention of the presence of ads in a paid application should be mentioned in the Nokia Store description.

In any case, you can buy the version with small ads in for £1 or that with no ads for £3 here.

Source / Credit: Nokia Store