i.am+ iPhone camera extensions - where's the Xenon?

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File this strictly under 'links of interest about products you might want to ridicule', but there is a Symbian (or at least Nokia) angle here. As we all know, the Apple iPhone 4S has a pretty good camera in good light, but it struggles in low light, as do all LED-flash-equipped camera phones. When I heard that over-hyped and ridiculously named music celeb Will.i.am was launching a range of camera add-ons for the iPhone, I thought "Hang on, if there's a proper flash in that thing, it might well match the likes of the Nokia N82, N8 and 808 indoors." And then I spotted, in multi-hundred dollar accessories (photo below), a weedy LED flash set inside a mock-Xenon flash aperture. Oh how I laughed....

Regular readers will know of my enthusiasm for a proper Xenon flash that enables proper pub/party/living room photos, as opposed to blurry messes - it's true that Nokia's Windows Phone-powered Lumia 920 has optical image stabilisation and this helps to stop camera shake effects, but moving subjects are still a problem.

Hence my question, seeing the photos in this set, "Where's the Xenon?". What on earth is the point in shipping a camera add-on for an LED-equipped camera phone that... also has a LED flash? Not that many iPhone 4S owners are going to want to buy these monstrosities anyway, but if Xenon had been included then at least there might be a point to them and a few Nokia N8/808 owners might have some competition*. Seems not, though. Move on, nothing to see here...

Wot, no Xenon?

Rather tellingly, the guy in the Engadget piece was quoted as saying these accessories were more about the "intersection of fashion and technology". 'nuff said.

* I've lost count of the number of times variations on this anecdote has been told to me: bunch of friends at a party, all taking snaps with their iPhones and Galaxies (etc.) After the event, all the snaps are shared and the only ones worth keeping are from... the guy with the Symbian-powered N8 or 808.

Source / Credit: Engadget Mobile